Leaner, Lighter, Stronger, Healthier Bodies

In a fully equipped, boutique HEALTH studio in the heart of Bath, our team of expert personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches and nutritional therapists take a scientific, individualised approach to helping you achieve your goals.  We’ve all been doing this for some time and have coached at elite level in sport and performance but now YOU are the athlete!

Our mission is to help you achieve transformative change to your health and bodyshape in 12 weeks.

We have created our own unique system which we call LEaN™ (stands for “Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition”).  It is a 12 week programme of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle coaching, tailored to your needs and goals.  It’s an all inclusive programme designed to get you the best results possible in the 12 weeks, which means that training, nutritional supplements and even sports massage are included in the package.  LEaN™ is now the only way we now deliver personal training, because it’s what works:

So take control of your health today.  Whether you want to transform your bodyshape, have more energy, sleep better, reduce stress, or simply just to feel happier in your own body, with the right help and support you will achieve your goal.  Imagine how you could feel in 12 weeks time…

We have space for up to six free 30min consultations each month…

We’ll use this session to find out more about you and to discuss how we might be able to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  If you’re serious about transforming your health today then please use the form below to apply for your initial consultation.

Or if you just want some more information, please send us an email at info@health-bath.co.uk

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