3 benefits of exercise you hadn’t thought of…

We all know we should exercise. It’s difficult to conceive of a sane argument to the contrary.

Within the knowledge spectrum of every human being will lie a few beliefs as to why that is the case.  Some are widely accepted facts, like exercise improves your health and slows it’s decline brought-on by inactivity by increasing strength & cardiovascular fitness, reducing body fat and improving insulin sensitivity. Other reasons may be more contentious like “I will turn this fat into muscle,” or “the stepper will get rid of cellulite.”

However, whatever the motivation to exercise, some people still don’t fit any exercise into their life. Here are 3 reasons for exercising you may not have thought of:

Exercise is meditation

If you have ever done a yoga class or practiced meditation, the point is to create stillness in the mind. This stillness is becoming more and more essential in modern day life. However, meditation and yoga is still a bit too alternative for some. Well, exercise may be your answer to still that busy mind.  In yoga and meditation, you are taught to focus on breath and sensations within the body. Not think about them.  When you train, it’s equally important to focus on your breathing pattern and to pay attention to the working areas of the body, this improves results.  Therefore, that 60 seconds of bicep curling could be an essential rest for your mind in your hectic life. As meditation and yoga have been shown to do, this should bring improvements through your entire life.

Commitment to anything breeds commitment

You need to exercise, that’s for certain. And if you want to achieve anything in life you need to be dedicated. Taking the firm stance to commit to fitness, even if just two or three times a week, and sticking to it, will teach your whole self that it can be trusted to be committed. So many stories of people becoming successful started with the individual getting fit, and many successful people know their commitment to their health is essential in maintaining the drive to stay and become more successful.

People who exercise are worth spending time with

So much of our life happiness is determined by the people we attract into our lives and the relationships we have.  Friends are focal in this but we are probably most affected by our romantic ties. cWhilst going to the gym may not be a fool proof plan for attracting Mr or Mrs right, we’d all certainly choose to be with someone who’s dedicated to their health.  Logic would surely suggest it’s more likely someone who exercises is going to live longer. Long life must be more desirable in a potential life partner.

So go training!

Guest author, Dan Cossins, is a former international sprinter. An experienced personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, he has been helping people transform their health for over seven years, as well as coaching track and field athletes to many major championships, including the Olympics.  Dan can be contacted at Well holistic therapies centre in Bath.

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