Make fat loss easier with these 3 healthy habits

Fat loss expert

Fat loss can be a struggle but here are three simple healthy habits from Health’s head trainer James Fergus to make your fat loss journey a breeze…

1. Don’t have ‘bad’ food stored in the house. 

Sounds pretty simple and obvious, but the number of people who have a biscuit tin, chocolate drawer or ice cream in the freezer is staggering. Eating clean can be hard at times, and if you have a moment of weakness and you remember you’ve got half a tub of Ben ‘n’ Jerrys in the freezer, then you may end up disappointing yourself. If however, the only things you have to snack on are cucumber or chicken, you’ll either have that, which is fine, or you’ll need to make an actual effort to go the the shops to buy rubbish. If you do the latter, you may need to asses your reasons for trying to lose fat (this will take us onto point 2). The excuse of “they’re for the kids” doesn’t cut it ; you’re going to dip in! I didn’t have a biscuit tin growing up and still don’t, as it would always be an EMPTY TIN!

2. Write down goals : Set short, medium, long term ones. 

Anything we want to achieve in life comes easier with a plan. You want to be in shape for summer for example, and “in shape” is different for everyone. So pick the one you’d like. And you’ll need to have a deadline you’d like to achieve this by. (You may need expert advice on whether that’s attainable in the timeframe but that’s another story). So write down your goal, and write down WHY you want to achieve this (in detail). Then write down how you’re going to do that, what you need to do each week, each day, each meal and even between meals. As much detail as possible.

Also, most people like to have a social life, but unfortunately socialising often revolves around drinking and eating ‘bad’ food (not always, but often), and I believe it’s fun and necessary for a balanced life. HOWEVER, there have to be sustained periods of clean eating and exercise if you ACTUALLY want to make a difference to your body. So, plan ahead. If you know you have events coming up, eat perfectly before them. Write down that you’re not going to have a drink or chocolate until next Saturday for example. If you write it down you’re less likely to break it, and be more motivated to achieve what you’ve written down. Goals can be as long or short term as you need. The world wants us to be fat, so we have to plan ahead.

3. Make sure your spouse or the people close to you are on the same page. 

If you’re trying to lose body fat and your wife/husband, mum/dad, whoever it is you live with aren’t interested at all, then it’s going to make your life harder, as there will be temptations, and you may feel a bit left out when you see them tucking into fish and chips while you’re there with your chicken salad (which you can make delicious btw!)

If they’re also on the healthy eating band waggon, it makes meal times easier for everyone, and can actually make people feel empowered and increase motivation to keep at it. Depending on people’s situations, it can be a fulfilling journey, just appreciating a healthy lifestyle together. If the people close to you are not interested in doing it themselves, at least make them realise it’s important to you, and hopefully they’ll respect that and be supportive. A divided household will be likely to hold you back.

These three tips are easy to enforce and will have a significant impact on your results.

James Fergus is Head Trainer at HEALTH.  A former UK Junior Triple Jump Champion, he has extensive knowledge and experience as both a personal trainer and an athlete, so he not only knows how to get results from his clients, he also knows how to keep himself in excellent condition.  James keeps himself in excellent shape (consistently below 10% body fat) and is an example of how a clean diet and dedication to training gets great results.

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