The Health Academy’s Oscar Awards 2017

So it’s award season, and the team at Health have gathered in a darkened room, mulled over the various categories important to maintaining all round health and fitness… and have come up with the following winners:

1. Single best exercise for all round conditioning

And the Winner is …. “Burpee pull-up”

This combination of exercise uses every muscle in your body in a dynamic way, moving your whole body over the greatest possible distance, thereby completing the most amount of physical work (physics and stuff!) This requires significant core, upper and lower body strength, as well as explosive power. Performed for multiple repetitions, this exercise quickly becomes metabolic, raising your heart rate and breathing to try and get more oxygen to the working muscle. Include as part of a circuit for maximum effect! Not for the feint-hearted. What’s a burpee pull-up?

2. Best workout for fat burning

And the Winner is …. “High intensity cardio sprints, or Sprint 8s”

Studies have shown how 8 rounds of 30 seconds of max intensity cardio (with 90 secs rest in-between intervals) raises growth hormone by up to 700% for the whole of the rest of the day!  Naturally boosting growth hormone is one of the fastest and most effective way of burning body fat – especially as it last for hours after you’ve finished training.

3.  Best nutrient for improving sleep

And the Winner is …. “Magnesium”.

Magnesium deficiency is known to affect sleep quality and duration.  It is essential in multiple cell reactions, from regereration/repair to our ability to detoxify. Magnesium is a calming mineral which should be taken in the evening, those who are “energised” by magnesium are likely to be extremely deficient and should start taking it in the morning until it begins to have a calming effect.

4. Best supplement for all round general health

And the Winner is …. “Omega 3 fish oils”

Fish oils contain essential fatty acids EPA and DHA which are very important for our general health. It’s difficult to obtain enough Omega 3 fats in a Western diet, to balance the high levels of Omega 6, which are pro-inflammatory (inflammation-causing).  By raising your Omega 3 by eating more oily fish and supplementing with a quality fish oil you are making a serious investment in your health.

5. Best stretch for runners and cyclists

And the Winner is …. “Couch stretch”

Hip flexors become very tight in both runners and cyclists. Tight muscles will eventually impact your function and cause structural imbalances which will increase your chance of injury.  With the days getting longer more and more people venturing outdoors for their cardio, don’t forget to stretch when you get home! These guys demonstrate it well

6. Best Health read

 And the Winner is …. “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”

This book is a must read to better- understand the effects of stress on our poorly-adapted bodies.

So, there it is. If  you want more information on any of the ‘award winning’ exercises, supplements or reads, just ask the team.

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