Take Regular Salt Baths For Better Sleep & Overall Health

How’s your sleep at the moment? Feeling wired or tired? I recommend you should be indulging in salt baths at least once a week.

The old-fashioned practice of taking regular salt baths is highly beneficial to your health because it raises your magnesium levels.

I read a recent study which stated that 100% of people (who are not supplementing their diet) are likely to be deficient in magnesium. And if you are sick, stressed, toxic or exercise regularly you’re even more likely to be deficient.

There are two effective ways to raise your magnesium levels:

1. Orally. Eating foods naturally high in magnesium (nuts, seeds, beans, fish, avocado) alongside a high quality nutritional supplementation (almost impossible to get enough magnesium from foods alone).
2. Trans-dermally  (through your skin). This method delivers the mineral through the skin directly into your tissues, by-passing any inefficiencies in your digestion and absorption.

The best way to raise your magnesium levels would be to do both.

How much salt to put in my salt baths?

Add about 500g Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate), or any natural salt (e.g. Himalayan Rock/ Dead Sea) to a warm bath. One additional advantage of bathing is that the rapid cooling of your skin when you get out of the bath puts your body in “sleep mode”, making it easier to quickly achieve deep sleep.

So, run the bath, light some candles and relax into an Epsom salt bath.


rob-suchetRob Suchet is the founding director of HEALTH. Personal trainer and Nutritional Therapist, Rob has helped hundreds of people achieve life-changing health and bodyshape transformations. He has been featured in the Guardian, Red Magazine, FHM, and in 2014 the Express described him as “one of the UK’s best personal trainers”…read more


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