The Perfect Core Exercise

Here at Health we love exercises that improve your life both inside and outside the gym. Side kick-throughs are an excellent exercise that ticks all those boxes…

Better Core, Better Balance

The exercise really challenges your proprioception and core strength. Proprioception is simply our understanding of what our body is doing and helps us coordinate our movement. By working on your side kick throughs and getting them to look smooth and controlled, you will improve both your balance and physical movement in the process.

The beauty of the exercise is that it looks simple, but it takes tremendous strength and coordination to achieve a smooth and controlled motion.

Exercise Technique

  • Start on all fours with knees an inch off the floor. Back should be nice and straight.
  • Start by swivelling on both feet to your right, then lifting the left leg and kicking it across your body. You’ll have to take your right hand up to keep your balance. 
  • The most important thing is control. Each movement, side to side, should look identical and controlled.

How Many Reps Should I do?  For beginners, this exercise is difficult to co-ordinate, so reps should be limited to 5 on each side for 3-5 sets.

For the intermediate and advanced client, adding this exercise to a conditioning circuit to add some variation. 20 reps in each set is a great start, but as long as technique is good, reps can keep climbing up.

I’ve given one of my clients 50 of these to do. She was a professional dancer and she still found them hard going…

Have fun!

Malachi Dingis is a Sports Science graduate, a former sprinter and one of the trainers at Health. He has been helping people achieve dramatic health and fitness transformations for over 5 years, incorporating aspects of strength training, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, pilates, yoga poses and Animal Flow, his sessions will be varied, fun and focused on helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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