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Golfers, welcome to HEALTH!

We exist to help you achieve optimal health and fitness through a scientific, individualised approach, represented by our three pillars: Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition.  Our systems are completely bespoke and reflect the fact that we all have different lifestyles, pressures, nutritional demands and overall health.

As golfers ourselves, we understand the physical and nutritional demands of a round of golf but as sports scientists and biomechanists we also understand the physiology behind a golf swing, so we can work with you to improve your core strength, rotational flexibility, strength, stamina, endurance and muscular balance.

Photo shoot at Health Bath, Crescent Lane, Bath. Date: 21/05/2015 Photographer: Artur Lesniak

Our private studio in Bath is purpose-built and equipped to create the atmosphere of an exclusive boutique hotel or spa with the functionality of a high performance training gym.  We operate by appointment only to maintain the private and exclusive atmosphere.

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